We’ve collected for you here our top 20 Christmas best sellers – all have a track record of repeat purchase.


canape crown

Canape Crowns

A selection pack of canapes, three recipes:
1 Smoked Cod, Bacon & Brie and
2 Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella & Spring Onion and
3 Wensleydale and Cranberry

> All are 30g buffet sized canapes
> Oven from frozen
> Different garnishes to identify recipes
> A total of 45 canapes per case

spicy lime cod

Spicy Lime Cod Goujons

> Atlantic Cod Fillet goujons in a lime and chilli coating ready for the oven or fryer.
> Prime Atlantic Cod, skinless and boneless
> Lime and chilli spiced breadcrumb
> Oven from frozen
> Perfect for dipping with Mayonnaise



Coquille St Jacques

Queen Scallops in a creamy white wine sauce with chopped onion and mushrooms. Served in a large natural Scallop Shell. Finished with hand piped potato, Parmesan and a dusting of paprika.

> Shells filled and garnished by hand
> Rich sauce with white wine and cream
> Large scallop shell for great presentation
> Quick and easy preparation back of house
> Popular dish which is time consuming to make


steak & guinness

Steak & Guinness Purse

Prime naturally grass reared beef steak in a rich Guinness gravy all enclosed in a handmade puff pastry purse and finished with parsley, paprika and egg wash. Available in 270g and 240g portions.

> Our top selling purse classic pastry fold
> Lean natural grass fed beef steak
> Real Guinness and handmade pastry purse
> Great on plate presentation
> Easy prep from frozen

pork roulade

Pork & Caramelised Red Onion Roulade

Nottinghamshire Pork with caramelised red onion rolled in handmade puff pastry.

> Large 200g serving
> Full of Nottinghamshire Red Tractor and outdoor reared pork
> Mildly spiced with caramelised red onion.
> Simply cook from frozen

sherwood pork

Sherwood Stuffed Pork

British Red Tractor pork tenderloin, stuffed with a farmhouse sage & onion stuffing, all wrapped in a prime back bacon and garnished with a bay leaf.

> Vac Packed
> Garnished with Bay Leaf
> Large 235g portion
> Portions individually flow wrapped

prepared venison game - VENISON EN CROUTE

Venison en Croute

Slow cooked lean venison in a rich red wine sauce with mushrooms, all encased in handmade puff pastry.

> Diced lean venison
> Rich red wine
> Handmade pastry
> Large wholesome portion


prepared duck and turkey tournedos

Turkey Tournedos

British prime turkey medallion topped with sage & onion stuffing all wrapped in rashers of bacon.

Prime British Turkey breast
> Rich handmade stuffing
> From scratch look presentation
> Large 240g portion
> Oven from frozen or chilled

turkey roulade

Turkey Roulade

A prime turkey breast portion filled with a cranberry stuffing and wrapped in streaky bacon. Simply oven from frozen.

> Large 240g serving size
> Prime British Turkey breast meat portion
> Surrounded in Streaky Bacon
> Filled with a Cranberry stuffing

prepared duck and turkey woodland duck

Woodland Duck

A whole duck breast, boneless, raw with skin on in an orange glaze with a fruit garnish.

> Individually vacuum packed
> Boneless
> Large consistent portions
> Attractive garnish

chicken normandy

Normandy Chicken

A large succulent and tender Chicken Breast coated in a herb glaze stuffed with Cranberry and Chestnut stuffing.

> Simply oven from frozen
> Chopped Chestnut and Cranberry, Sage and Onion stuffing
> Large 200g portion
> Colourful and aromatic product
> Full of flavour


Chicken & Wild Mushroom en Croute

Chicken with cream, white wine and wild mushrooms, garnish with mushroom slices with French herbs.

> Large 270g en croute
> Made by hand in our renowned puff pastry folded as a purse
> Ample quantity of diced chicken breast with wild mushrooms and in a rich cream and white wine sauce
> Attractively garnished with sliced mushrooms and decorative French mix herbs for an impactful frozen presentation
> Simple ovenbake cooking from frozen


salmon and lobster en croute

Salmon & Lobster en Croute

Atlantic Salmon fillet portion in a lobster sauce with tomato, basil and crème fresh all enveloped in puff pastry crusted with parmesan and salad prawns.

> Hand prepared and attractively garnished
> Generous 225g portion
> Large Atlantic Salmon fillet portion
> Lobster sauce with Parmesan crust finish
> Simply cook from frozen

cod wellington

Cod Wellington

A skinless and boned prime Cod in a rich cheese, prawn & mushroom sauce wrapped in a pastry purse finished with a sliced mushroom and parsley.

> Prime Atlantic Cod Fillet Portion, skinless and boneless
> Rich sauce made with cream
> All made and garnished by hand
> Puffs to be a very good sized centre of plate presentation


Butter Wrapped Cod

A loin of Atlantic Cod, skinless and boned, wrapped in smoked salmon with herb butter.

>Atlantic Cod Loin
>Simply oven from frozen or chilled
>Best cooked in a ceramic dish so the herb butter can be basted over the top.


Salmon Side With Herb Crust

A side of Atlantic Salmon topped with a lemon and tarragon crust finished with lemon slices. Roast from frozen. Serves: 3-5.

> Atlantic Salmon Fillet boneless
> Rich crust of breadcrumbs, lemon, cheddar and tarragon
> Roast from frozen
> Individually wrapped


Salmon Roulade

Atlantic Salmon fillet rolled around a spinach and cream cheese filling then topped with puff pastry. Simply roast from frozen. Product shown frozen.

> 500g Roulade
> Serves 3 – 4
> Each Roulade is individually wrapped
> Roast from frozen

salmon parcel

Salmon & Spinach Parcel

Atlantic Salmon rolled around a spinach and cream cheese filling then topped with grated Parmesan and parsley.

> Thinly sliced Atlantic Salmon fillet, skinless and boneless
> Filling of cheddar, cream cheese, spinch and seasoning
> Finished with Parmesan and parsley
> Roast from frozen


Salmon & Spinach Wellington

Prime skinless and boned Salmon in a rich butter, spinach and prawn sauce wrapped in a puff pastry purse finished with chopped parsley.

> Good sized portion of Atlantic Salmon
> Rich sauce of butter with Atlantic prawns
> Puffs to give very good plate coverage
> Handmade en croute

king wellington

King Prawn Wellington

Handmade puff pastry filled with large Tropical Prawns in a spicy Chilli and Red Pepper sauce.

> Full of large tropical prawns
> Rich moderately spiced chilli sauce
> Handmade puff pastry


vegetarian foods calabrian

Calabrian en Croute

This delightful looking vegetarian en croute packs a flavour punch!

> The combination of goats cheese, olives and spinach works wonderfully well
> Finished with crumbled goats cheese and olives
> Roast from frozen

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