Catering food – unique range of prepared foods

Exciting Foods manufacture of catering food, with a unique range of prepared foods for pubs, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality caterers.

We aim to use the best larder ingredients to make our foods; and, most of our products are made by hand.

Our products are aimed at catering businesses who want to serve high quality food but don’t have the: skills, space, time or can afford the waste of preparing all their food from scratch back of house.

Additionally, we design our products to be prepared easily back of house, with minimal skill but reliable results.

Our range includes:

  • Starters & buffet
  • Prepared meats including: red meats, venison and game
  • Prepared poultry including: en croute, stuffed chicken breasts, marinaded, duck and turkey
  • Prepared seafood including: en croute, coated fillets, crusted fillets and fish cakes
  • Natural fish and seafood
  • Grill and BBQ food products
  • Traditional short crust pies and suet puddings
  • Vegetarian products


If your business is of a size where you would like something made bespoke for you – yes, please do talk to us. More details about our bespoke food products is here: FOOD MANUFACTURE.


catering food

Like to see our catering food brochure?

You can download a PDF of our range here: EXCITING FOODS RANGE DOWNLOAD