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Prepared Seafood

En Croute, Coated fillets, Fishcakes and more

We are based in Grimsby so as you’d expect we have a good selection of prepared fish dishes. We’ve divided up our product range so you can quickly find what will fit your establishment’s food offering.

The cooking methods do vary across this range – from oven roasting to microwave, but all are straightforward and don’t take high chef skills.

cod wellington

Seafood en Croute

These are ever popular… handmade fish en croutes with rich sauces in puff pastry and attractively garnished. Oven (or Combi) is the prep method from frozen.

haddock topper

Coated Fish

We’ve combined natural crispy coatings with sauces and toppings for you here. Most are simply deep fry or oven bake from frozen.



Yes we make fishcakes, like several others, but with a twist! We do starter and main course sized fishcakes and we do a quite unique range of gourmet batter dusted fishcakes.

smoked haddock florentine

Fish Bakes

Rich in fish and tasty sauces our bakes are regularly purchased by caterers looking for a main course that is a generous serving of fish, flavoursome sauces and easy prep.

exciting foods ready prepared

Recipe Fish and Seafood

Well, you will find some interesting recipes dishes here. Our chef’s had some fun here creating dishes that not only look attractive but deliver a great taste too.