Product range

Exciting Foods makes a wide range of prepared foods for caterers and specialist gourmet food retailers. Our products are unique and use the best larder ingredients.

Most of the range is handmade in our factory in Great Grimsby by our team of skilled staff.

We create products that are good sellers on the menu but are tricky and time consuming for a business caterer to make. So, we save caterers the time, waste and expense of making these dishes themselves.


If you’d like to download our brochure you can do so here: RANGE BROCHURE DOWNLOAD






Starters & Buffet
A range of starter dishes and more including Coquille St Jacques, handmade buffet pasties and more HERE


sherwood pork

Red Meats
A range of Grass Fed and Red Tractor certificated prepared meats and also British game meats HERE



An extensive range of prepared poultry including: chicken, duck, game bird and turkey HERE


plaice and prawn

A leading range of seafood dishes: crusted, filled, gourmet fishcakes and more HERE


coquille st jaques

Prime seafood both natural and prepared HERE


traditional sausages

Grill & BBQ
Excellent quality traditionally made sausages, burgers and steaks HERE


suet pudding

Traditional Pies & Bakes
Handmade pies, pasties and bakes all excellent quality using prime British meats HERE


caramelised vegetable en croute

Tarts and en croute vegetarian dishes HERE