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Prepared Venison & Game

This range is our prepared venison and game products. Wherever we possibly can we source from UK estates.

Included in this range is: Game Purse, Venison Wellington and our Rabbit & Cider Purse.

All these products are designed for straightforward back of house preparation… simply oven or combi-oven from frozen. The puff pastry gives excellent results when cooked from frozen, with a light and tasty texture and light golden appearance.


A combination of venison, rabbit, partridge and pheasant in a red wine and juniper gravy all enclosed in a handmade puff pastry purse garnished with egg wash and herbs.

  • Our top selling purse classic pastry fold
  • Generous combination of game meats (seasonal variation)
  • Handmade puff pastry
  • Large plate filling portion
  • Easy preparation from frozen
  • Free from artificial additives and ingredients

Note: Game bird can contain shot, most is removed but we cannot guarantee that game meat is clean of shot pellets.


prepared venison game - RABBIT & CIDER PURSE

Richly filled with pieces of lean rabbit in a sauce of wholegrain mustard, cider and leeks.

  • Large 270g en croute
  • Made by hand in our renowned puff pastry folded as a purse
  • Generous quantity of lean rabbit in a cider, wholegrain mustard and leek sauce
  • Attractively garnished for impactful frozen presentation
  • Simple oven bake cooking from frozen


prepared venison game - VENISON EN CROUTE

Slow cooked lean venison in a rich red wine sauce with mushrooms, all encased in handmade puff pastry.

  • Diced lean venison
  • Rich red wine
  • Handmade pastry
  • Large wholesome portion

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