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Special Board – Special Profit

specials board

Specials Board – Tips to maximise your restaurant’s profits

The Specials Board or Chef’s Specials can be a good source of revenue. Your customers perceive that the dishes on this are fresh and new in comparison to what you show on your printed menu.

There is little logic to it – but that’s the way the mind works!

Make the most of your suppliers’ special offers

Only make small batches so the special board varies every couple of days

Home made always sells well

Local produce always sells well

Don’t clutter your board with too much writing too close together

Use cheaper cuts of fish and meat but use them well

Position the Specials Board so your customers notice it as they walk in – it gives the impression that they are getting fresh produce (the pre printed menu doesn’t give the same impression)

Once a dish is sold out get it wiped off the board straight away to avoid disappointment for the next customer