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Microwave Cooking in the Pro Kitchen

microwave cooking

Tips on using a microwave in your restaurant

Controversial subject this one! These are some of the points caterers have made to us about using microwaves…

Microwaves are much maligned and regarded by many as only for those who use mass produced ready meals. Well, this is a shame! The microwave is a great piece of kit for the kitchen and there is probably no better way of cooking a piece of fish than in a microwave!

Understand your wattage! A cheap domestic one is less than half the power of a commercial machine. Practice with new dishes to get the program just right then store it in the machine’s memory (you may remember – but others won’t).

Bought in products will have instructions on microwave timing – again practice to get these right for your machine.

Cover what your cooking – either lids or cling film

Stir the sauces post cooking to get an even temperature and always probe (72C you need).